About our Site

Losib.org – Ladies Online Special Information Blog – is the Website for the best shared News and Information that honors Women and Mothers worldwide. We will post to inform, inspire and help everyone worldwide. Our Site is a Private News Information Blog Site from Philadelphia PA in the United States.

Our information from faith, consumer issues, health research, technology related, family friendly, and such alike, with emphasis on direct related women concepts or topics, will be posted. You can subscribe, follow-up, read, like, join and support our Site. As a point of importance, our Site has a Christian Faith background. Therefore, we cannot approve of or just post about any topic or issue. We must focus of family friendly professional issues that have Christian or Bible Faith Principles implied.

Our Site is owned and managed by the Taylor Family in conjunction with Online Associates (i.e. Web Hosting and Technical Experts) from Philadelphia PA and in the United States.

We are inspired by Godly and Professional Women (such as Roslyn Taylor, Veronica Bennett, Jessica Taylor, Sharon Taylor, Leslie Robinson, Daphne Dennis, Shelly-Ann Bennett, and many others) who have made a significant and long lasting impact in the life of the Taylor Family, Friends and Neighbors. We appreciated their inspiration, kindness, advice, encouragement, and such alike. God bless our wives, grand mothers, mothers, sisters, aunties, cousins, friends, neighbors, supporters, and such alike.

We therefore believe it makes good sense and integrity plus gratitude to pass on some of that to others offline and worldwide online.