Our FAQs and Answers
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and some Answers

What is this Site about?
Our Site is a Private News Information Blog Site to honor women and mothers worldwide. We operate from Philadelphia PA in the United States.

How does our Site works?
First you will need to read and agree with our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer Information, and Membership Rules. Then you will need to Register to join by submitting the required information and verifying your email address. Then you can log-in to the Site and look at what we do to participate. Then decide to participate in the best way you can.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Admin will have to manually change your Membership status from Subscriber to, for example, Contributor or Author before you will be able to submit posts to our News Information BLOG to be published. Contact us.

What if I have more question, can I can reach you and how?
See our Contact Link at the Site for more Information. Or E-mail: