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“A Defining Moment” by Rebecca Johnson.

Decisions. So many. So hard. They can make or break a person depending on the decision.

We all are on the verge of a defining moment by one choice- our final decision.

When I was a young lady, I desired to pursue international travel by working for an airline company in Houston, Texas. I wanted to get away from my tough home life and enjoy the chance to better myself and be on my own. I was young and vulnerable.

My mom told me some wise words: One choice can determine your future. It can be challenging or accessible by one decision.

I will never forget the feelings I had in Houston. I was alone, scared, and only eighteen. I called a church there and asked if someone could pick me to attend church. I was terrified to drive in Houston. Back then, there was no GPS or cell phone, only a paper map.

Sister Annette and her husband came to pick me up. They had worked all day long but took the time for this. On our way to and from service, she asked, “What is the plan for your future?” I couldn’t fully answer because I was trying to get away from my home life. I hadn’t asked God that question.

After a few trips to church with them, God began to speak to my heart. I always loved the Lord, but something new was birthing in my heart. I remember specifically the moment I asked God for direction. I began listening to Sister Annette’s advice and was open to what she was pouring into me. God put her in my life to give me hope.

I felt like Ruth in the Bible deciding whether to follow God’s ways or follow the path that seemed accessible at the moment. I had a plan and dreams that I wanted. I was torn and had a decision to make.

“What is your desire for me?” I asked the Lord. He began to speak to me for the first time. I began to feel unsettled and knew I was out of the will of God. He had allowed me to go to Houston to learn to hear His voice. When I decided to go home, even though it was a bad situation, I felt the peace of God. In that defining moment, I learned to know God’s way of speaking to me. It was the peace and comfort of the purest air I could breathe and a settled feeling that I did not want to go away. God gave me a new map to follow that day. I was developing a personal walk with God in prayer.

Had Ruth not followed that perfect peace on the road with Naomi, she would never have found God’s will for her life. She would not have met Boaz or become the great-grandmother of King David. It came through one choice. By faith, she left everything she knew to follow God’s will. She must have felt perfect peace in her decision.

“And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.” (Ruth 1:16)

Had I not listened to that peace, I would have never met my husband, been in ministry, or become a pastor’s wife. We have had several transitional moments in our lives, and we have followed that peace for the will of God in our lives and ministry.
There is power in your prayers. That is where decisions and defining choices are made that map out the will of God in your life and situations.

Note: Rebecca Johnson, affectionally known as “Becca”, serves alongside her husband Matthew, as Senior Pastor at The Sanctuary in Columbus, IN. She is the proud mom of two children, Abriah and Jace, and also two adorable Goldendoodles; Ginger Lou & Opie Taylor. Becca’s motto is: Be comfortable in your own skin. Use the giftings God has given you to bless the Kingdom of God!

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