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“How Reading The Fine Print and Terms of Service Can Save Money.”

As consumers, we often ignore reading the terms and conditions. From booking airline tickets, taking out insurance, or even a simple purchase from your favorite clothing store; reading the fine print is not something we tend to spend a lot of time on.

Yet, we live in this hyper-digital world, where all our information and data is shared online. Thus, we want to ensure that companies take extra precautions to ensure the safeguarding of our valuable personal information.

But even something as simple as agreeing to the Terms of Service (TOS) when updating a mobile app, or software program on your computer without actually spending some time reading it can come at a cost.

A survey conducted by Deloitte found that around 91% of U.S. consumers accept legal terms and conditions without actually reading them. With younger consumers aged 18 to 34, this number is even higher, with 97% agreeing before actually reading. So why even hassle with reading the TOS or fine print when it can be up to 33 pages long? A 2019 news article from The Washington Post reported that one lucky teacher in Georgia was able to receive $10,000 for simply reading the fine print on her travel insurance policy.

Now not all companies are that generous to simply give away thousands of dollars for actually reading what the terms and conditions are. However, it’s time that you start taking advantage of how you can save money by doing it.

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