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“Treating triple-negative breast cancer: Cardamom compound shows promise.”

Cardamom, a staple spice in Indian cuisine, could have the potential to inspire cancer treatments.

Among the most difficult types of breast cancer to treat is triple-negative breast cancer.
New research suggests that cardamonin — the compound found in the spice cardamom — may help facilitate tumor cell death by reducing its ability to evade the body’s immune response.
Researchers found that the compound can reduce the viability of the two distinct Caucasian and African-American triple-negative breast cancer cell lines.

Triple-negative breast cancerTrusted Source (TNBC) is a particularly challenging form of the disease. TNBC makes up 10–15% of all breast cancers and is particularly prevalent in younger women, Black women, and women with the BRCA1 mutation. It typically spreads faster and has a less favorable outlook than other invasive breast cancers.

TNBC cells test in the negative range for three components that are often targeted in hormone treatments for other breast cancers: estrogen and progesterone receptorsTrusted Source, and the HER2 proteinTrusted Source. As a result, there are fewer treatments available for TNBC.

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